Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What is my Job?

I know a lot of people will ask what job I am in, and I am ready to finally answer that question!
Although the only reason most people even care, is because they see my nice house and fascinating cars on the gram!
Ranging from Range Rover to Bentley I am sure everyone thinks I have it all... something I wont disagree with (;
I also have a very nice piece of estate that I live with my 4 dogs in.
(I rarely post any pictures of them)

But to get to the point, I am in the real estate niche!
I work for a company that buys houses that are runs down, then remodels and sells them.
I work with about 12 other people and really enjoy my job!
We work 7 days a week and sometimes up to 10 hours a day!
It can be quite hectic for sure!
Our boss is very reasonable and doesn't expect much out of us. My job is to answer the phone and transfer the "leads" to a specialist.
Last month alone we helped over 16 families. Four of which were dealing with a divorce and all others with inherited property or properties that were being rented out, and the tenant had some type of problem.
I try to stay out of most of the things that happen with them, because it can be quite demoralizing!
The only complaint I have with working with Darrel is probably the amount of hours he expects day in and day out. Some days you just need a break... something he does not seem very familiar with.

All in all we all enjoy working together and I know he appreciated EVERYONE who works for him.
There are many stories I could talk about going over that topic, but for this post, we will end it on that.

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